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3 Tips for Twitter Ads

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016

Twitter has become one of the online world’s biggest social networking sites. It has 271 million monthly users with a 24% increase in 2014. Active advertisers on Twitter is said to spend $277 million promoting products and services. The numbers is proof that Twitter’s user base is expanding and is made up of an audience that brands are after.

Promoted tweets provide a variety of results that brands would find valuable. Twitter reported that users engaging with ads report on average 30% higher brand favorability and 53% higher purchase intent.

So if you’re looking to maximize your Twitter ad campaigns, here are 3 tips to follow.

Be Engaging

There is no better way to create engagement but thru great content. Twitter’s text box may be limited to 140 characters, but this is what makes it more captivating to users. It’s short, concise and when creatively executed, witty and fun.

Old Spice has been known to be a funny brand online. It has gained a lot of followers while strengthening its brand presence because of its funny tweets.


twitter ads

Another brand that knows how to be funny and engaging is Innocent Drinks.

twitter ads

twitter ads

Try to experiment with multiple ad campaigns using different tweets (including content, voice, persona, images) to determine what style your target audience engage with more.

Also make sure that while you engage your audience with your main tweet, keep in mind to also be ready for interaction especially with trolls. There will always be unfavourable responses and even if it’s a small box, negative feedback will put your brand at risk.

So while you’re engaging positive feedback, be prepared to handle bashers and turn it into opportunities for good PR.

Go Mobile

Mobile advertising revenue was 81% of Twitter’s total advertising revenue. In a study presented by ComScore in 2013, Twitter users have been found to use the app on mobile more than on desktop.


When targeting ads for mobile, consider the amount of time it takes for users to fill in your CTA (call to action). Subscribing with an email is quicker than registering for an event. Consider what users would do in a situation when they are rushing and only have limited time to interact with your site. 

Twitter ads also have options to target both mobile and desktop users. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site set up yet, you might want to consider desktop-only targeting. The same applies to mobile targeted ads. You have the option as well to target phones that are only connected to Wi-Fi. This is useful for ads that offer a download or content that requires streaming.


Use Hashtags Smartly

Hashtags are important for a brand to increase its followers and reach its desired target audience. At the same time, it also helps you do market research to learn about your competitors in your selling space.

If you’re a new brand that want to discover new customers, use a generic hashtag that most of your target market would be using. Let’s say for example, you’re selling photography services a good hashtag would be #photography #photoshoot #photog and combined with your own brand’s #hashtag like #photobymark.

Jimmy Fallon uses popular hashtags while combining it with keyword specific topics for his Late Night talk show to increase engagement. The results were incredible and hilarious!

twitter ads
twitter adstwitter ads

Online Advertising in general requires a more targeted approach which means that you would need to define the online behaviour of your target audience. There are different platforms that user prefer over the other and in order to find your ideal customer who will convert into buyers and patrons, you need to figure this step out.

The online advertising sphere is always changing. New trends come about every day and changing in varying degrees. For optimal results, it is recommended to find a professional freelancer or online marketing company that specializes in your industry. This way, you know that your marketing efforts have measurable results helping you make business decisions easily.

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How to Start Building Your Brand’s Email List

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

In order to sustain your online business website, you need to grow your audience. Among the several strategies employed by top digital marketers today, building an email list proves to be most effective. It helps improve conversion rates, encourages repeat visits and is an avenue to pitch your products.

What is not achieved in blog posts or social media posts can be achieved thru email. It paves the way for a more personal engagement as you enter into a world where they welcome you openly. Remember, email sign ups were submitted willingly during a response to your campaign.

Continuous engagement is key in building traffic to your site, where you ask them to come visit you again or offer something that they find value in. When you get a positive response, you know you’ve increased your value as well.

An email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year, so it is important to grow your list daily. Collecting is important because even if you’ve grown your email list, you can’t be assured that everybody is reading it, better yet if they received it at all. Some unsubscribe from your newsletter while others create new emails as they outgrow the old ones or move jobs.

So, now that you understand the purpose of growing your email list, here are steps to help you start.

There are 5 vehicles to build your email list. These are:

  1. From your website
  2. Email Newsletters
  3. Social Media Promotions
  4. Partner or Affiliate sites
  5. Traditional Marketing events

From there, you can grow it to a targeted number and continue with strategic efforts like the recommendations below:

  1. Create interesting email content that piques your reader’s curiosity or satisfy their fancy. If you create random messages, hard sell a lot just for the sake of having something sent out then, you’ll risk the chance of losing them. Keep them interested and engaged with quality content in your emails, not to mention a mix of good humour too. 

Building Your Brand's Email List


2. Remember the power in asking? Ask your subscribers to share your email to others who might find it useful or interesting. You may also want to include a social sharing button and an “Email to a Friend” button to reinforce your request. This will help you gain new networks who find your content interesting and join your email list. 

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

3. Before closing your emails, add a call to action like a “Subscribe” button, for example, to encourage new users or recipients of forwarded emails to sign up to your email list.

4. Promote a free giveaway where they will submit their email in exchange for the freebie. It’s been a common practice which proves to be effective. Make sure that what you’re giving away will bring value to your audience or else it won’t be effective at all.

5. Position multiple email subscription offers in strategic locations on your website. Keep your offers visible to remind your visitors to sign up to get more good resources from you.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List


6. Partner up with another business and promote marketing offers where their audience will sign up to your email list. Do this on your end too then swap contacts after.

7. Collect email addresses at traditional marketing events like trade shows and add them in your database. If it’s their first time to sign up, send them a welcome email reminding them where you got their email to personalise the experience and let them know you’re paying attention.

8. Name drop a popular source that you’ve worked with. Doing this will establish your credibility and gain the trust of the visitor converting him into a subscriber.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List


9. Declare how many visitors you’ve had and post a visitor counter where it is visible. Social proof increases trust in a user so if you have just a little following, combine your total followers and declare that number.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List


10. Offer a referral program where the referrer can get a discount or a freebie when they sign up a friend’s email. This will help you increase your database. People trust what their peers and colleagues recommend as they already know their own interests. Here’s an example of a referral button from Referral Candy below.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List



11. Find an influencer who resonates well with your audience and one who has a strong following. They have established their name and expertise which has made them a strong authority, hence an influencer. Connect with one and pitch a partnership idea that would bring both of you high value to the table.

12. Create a free online tool that your audience can use and find helpful. You can ask for their email to access the online tool and be able to get follow up content that will provide information related to the free resource they accessed from you.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

13. Re-ignite the fire with inactive subscribers. There are several strategies that you can employ that will resonate with your inactive subscribers and convince them to visit your site again. It pays to appeal to their human side by saying you miss them or offering a quick resource that will reengage them in between their rushed schedule.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

14. Install pop ups to collect emails. Although it is known to be annoying, it pulls in a huge following. Social Media Examiner attributes 70% of its 190,000 subscriptions to the site’s pop-up form. Perhaps be creative and appeal to the human side by adding some humor and reassuring them that they will only get content that will interest you like this pop up from Universal Intelligence.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

15. Add a newsletter signup button when you promote your page in social media networks like Facebook or twitter. Take advantage of cover photos when promoting your site together with the signup button.

How to Start Building Your Brand's Email List

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4 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016

4 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Who wouldn’t want to become an incredibly successful business entrepreneur? Still, a lot of people are intimidated to even make an attempt, because they believe that it is too demanding, too difficult, or too impossible to achieve something like that. In addition to that, people who are the first time business owners, have a lot of things on their mind and are constantly under immense pressure from their expectations. If you want to reveal the secret road to success, you have come to the right place! Read these four secrets and become a successful entrepreneur in no time!

  1. Meet The Right People

In any business, it’s all about who you know. It makes all the difference if you know someone who will kick-start your business. It makes all the difference if you are well acquainted with the people who will buy your product. Needless to say, but you should not stress yourself too much when it comes to making friends, business associates and connections. Promote your business, be open and friendly, and you will definitely meet a lot of new people. In addition to that, the real problem is keeping the truly valuable people around and getting rid of people who make a negative influence on your work or simply pull you down. Once you learn how to do this, not only that you will find the right crowd, but you will also know how to keep them around.

  1. Gush About Your Business

Promoting yourself is very easy nowadays by using different strategies, such as ads, leaflets and commercials, and of course the social media! You have to be your number one fan if you want to reach success, in any business. Make sure your business is recognizable and invest some time and money in order to acquaint people to your business, and really gush about it just whenever you get an opportunity to do so. It will not only benefit your business, but it will attract other customers and business associates, friends, clients, and they too will speak great of your business.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts are there for a reason. If you believe you have a great decision or a great idea, do not be intimidated to follow it and go with it. Chances are your subconscious mind have already weighed all pros and cons and reached a sound decision. Even if you think you are being rash or impulsive, the truth is you are just following your gut. In addition to that, believing in yourself will give you the necessary confidence to make decisions. It is the number one thing a successful business entrepreneur should have.


  1. Learn, Change, Grow

Once you learn how to grow, change and adapt, you will become truly successful not only at your business but in life in general. Since, no business will last forever, you will have to be able to grow and change and follow the demands of your clients in order to be successful. Make sure you listen to their needs and fulfill their demands, so that you don’t lose them.

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